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Established in 1992 as a small balustrade company based in Andrew Parsons (Now our technical Director) garage. The first move was to premises in Finchley North London, and the family business was focused on balustrades and handrail systems.

By 2006, the company had enjoyed good progressive growth, 3 new divisions were opened up along with the head office in Reading where we are still based today.

Three years later in 2009 we started diversifying into other metalwork items, including traditional steel bolt on balconies.

As a result of what we'd found working with bolt on balconies, throughout 2012 we developed balcony solution; our game changing new Glide-on balcony system. Having sold our balustrade equipment and stock to Regal balustrades (Sapphire's balustrade partner) who continue to manufacture Sapphire balustrade systems under license, we were truly focused on modular glide on balconies.

The next big step in allowing us to focus solely on the design and build of great balconies was moving away from installations. We now favour the supply and support model, where we work with certified installers we've trained up, therefor allowing us to concentrate on our Three R brand promise; Rigid, Ready, Right. This promises the balconies with be rigid, (deflecting less than half the amount allowed), ready (meaning they will be manufactured ahead of time and stored, allowing them to be pulled off as required) and right (our promise our balconies will be delivered snag free, and if not we pay you back).

The strong family culture within the business and the buy in to our DIALS value system, which stand for deliver, initiative, appreciation , learn, and support, led to strong growth within the UK. 

Having become established as 'Britain’s largest balcony manufacturer' the next step was global. Securing our first projects in New Zealand in 2020 whilst working on a number of projects in Canada.



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